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Life becomes a little easier when you have a friend who really understands, a teenager survivor of a traumatic injury, or an older person facing disability due to diabetes or parents of children born with a disability. Most people faced with a physical disability feel isolated and have a lot of questions about adapting to life ahead of them. Sharing experiences, challenges, and fears with another person with a similar disability, can reveal solutions, hope, and new possibilities.

If you are a person with a physical disability, or if you are parents of children with physical disability, hoping to connect to the OSAAT support group then Join the OSAAT Peer Network

We are a group of people living with physical disabilities among others, who have adapted,to their disability positively and are available over phone or in person to connect or tune in to your concerns. We are here to share best practices and our experiences of living with a physical impairment.

OSAAT certified peer mentors volunteer to visit or talk over phone with people who are newly faced with an acquired physical disability, or with parents of children with physical disabilities, and provide much needed emotional and social support as well as share resources and information on coping positively with the acquired disability - thus enabling faster and positive rehabilitation. In the true sense enabling people faced with physical disabilities to live to their fullest.

Our regular peer group meets, enable people in the community to come together for better social, emotional and physical well-being.

Our Projects

Our various projects are outlined below

Peer Network

OSAAT Peer Network: Helping Cope with Acquired Disabilities

Disability Awareness

Engaging and innovative programs for creating Disability awareness.


Being the voice of millions living in India with disabilities.

Adapted Art & Fitness

Providing PwDs Equal Opportunity to experience Dance and Theatre.



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