Disability Awareness

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One Step at a Time works in innovative and engaging ways to sensitize the society about disability and inclusion, Samaavesh, Danceabled and interACT - our Theatre program, are Fresh takes on spreading Disability awareness


There are an estimated 125 million people living in disabilities in India.Through our engaging and interactive program co-conducted by people with disabilities we

  1. raise disability awareness
  2. help students understand the Indian disability landscape
  3. best practices on interacting with people with disabilities
  4. develop young thinkers and change makers who create an inclusive tomorrow.

Samaavesh is One Step at a Time's flagship Disability Awareness and Advocacy Program, aimed at Raising Disability Awareness and fostering attitudes of Inclusion within the minds of future India and Advocating for inclusive and accessible education.

Would Your School Like a Disability Awareness Session?

If your school would like a Samaavesh session by One Step at a Time, please contact us with details of school location (kindly note that we currently offer Samaavesh in Bangalore and Trivandrum alone).

Become a Lead Presenter for Samaavesh

If you are a person with a disability, who lives positively with your condition and would like become a lead presenter for One step at a Time, and deliver Samaavesh sessions to local schools in your area, please please contact us for training and on-boarding.

Danceabled - Our yearly Inclusive Dance festival, where we raise Disability awareness through Inclusive Dance performances by people with different types of disabilities.

interACT Theatre Plays - OSAAT's interACT is India's one and only - first of it's kind inclusive theatre group where people with disabilities take the center stage, to spread disability awareness through plays around stories that are spun around aspects of living with a disability in India, and the challenges faced by this community in India. Our plays are aimed at touching people's hearts and encouraging viewers to practice inclusion and create a society that accepts people with disabilities and empowers their true potential.

Our Projects

Our various projects are outlined below

Peer Network

OSAAT Peer Network: Helping Cope with Acquired Disabilities

Disability Awareness

Engaging and innovative programs for creating Disability awareness.


Being the voice of millions living in India with disabilities.

Adapted Art & Fitness

Providing PwDs Equal Opportunity to experience Dance and Theatre.



If you would like to volunteer or have any suggestions or questions, please write to us

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