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Adapted Performing Arts

Performing Arts and Theatre is a space that is more often than not reserved for the able bodied, even though people with disabilities are portrayed by famous able bodied actors or performers, very rarely do PwDs themselves take the centre stage. OSAAT works to change that.

OSAAT Adapted Dance

Inclusive Dance classes in Bollywood and Free style are offered

One step at a Time offers dance classes to those living with disabilities in Bangalore, India. In addition enthralling performances, we also spread disability awareness and sensitize the public about the need for inclusion during our dance shows.

By being part of Adapted dance, people with disabilities develop a positive self image of themselves, and are able to get access to this art form which is otherwise reserved to only the able bodied.

interACT: OSAAT Theatre

Inclusive Theatre classes in Bangalore - for people with different types of disabilities.

One Step at a Time's Inclusive Theatre group - interACT, where actors with disabilities take the center stage to share stories around living with a disability in India through plays, making Performing Arts and Theatre Inclusive One Step at a Time! In addition to spreading disability awareness being part of theatre is also a deeply enriching process for the participants who learn to shed their inhibitions, work better in a team and discover a more confident version of themselves through the process!

Adapted Fitness

One step at a time promotes fitness and well-being of those with disabilities in our community through Adapted Yoga, Swimming, Cycling and free participation in marathons and walks in the city. Our monthly meets also provide an opportunity for the members of the community to come together and learn the importance of living a healthy and active life with a disability.

Our Projects

Our various projects are outlined below

Peer Network

OSAAT Peer Network: Helping Cope with Acquired Disabilities

Disability Awareness

Engaging and innovative programs for creating Disability awareness.


Being the voice of millions living in India with disabilities.

Adapted Art & Fitness

Providing PwDs Equal Opportunity to experience Dance and Theatre.



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